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100tefl Services:

For Employer: foreign talent agency, visa agency, foreign talent management consulting services

For foreigners:legal visa consultation and solution

For foreign students:career planning consultation (free service)

100 China Jobs

100chinajobs is the first foreign talent recruitment and management platform in China, which achieve one stop solution including information/document management, interview, contract signing, work visa procedures and work status management. With a built-in video interview system and unique employer info promotion module, it can help build better understanding and more trust from foreign employees perspective and hence greatly improve recruitment efficiency. More important, its employee and employer mutual evaluation system is conducive to the establishment of a fair, notary, open credit system..

100 China Guide

100CG( is an international talent intellectual exchange community, specially designed for foreigners seeking employment and entrepreneurship information and training in China. Through recording videos and online video chat rooms, we provide consultation about employment/entrepreneurship visa in China, foreign enterprise registration regulations, talent policy, China study and scholarship programs, as well as training on academic papers, Chinese listening and speaking, talent agent service, vocational skills and cross-border trade practices..

100 ESC

As one of the service brands of 100tech, 100ESC(Yibai Entrepreneur Service Center)provides entrepreneurship space and relevant operation services for foreign talents especially foreign students who want to start businesses in Nanjing, such as company registration, accounting, legal consulting and visa services for foreign enterprises in Nanjing. For projects in which 100ESC holds or holds shares, additional incubation space and services will be provided, including but not limited to Chinese resources, daily operation guidance, entrepreneurship competitions support, and governmental funding application.

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