About us

Few words about our history


Originated from 91talkeasy which established in Shanghai in 2013, 100tech registered in Jiangning, Nanjing in 2018. Aiming to become the most reliable brand in foreign talent service industry, 100tech focuses on providing consultation, training and business representative services for foreign or cross cultural talents in employment and entrepreneurship area. Currently, 100tech is running several service brands such as 100tefl, 100ESC, 100chinajobs and 100chinaguide.

100TECH History

  • 2012

    91TALKEASY Talent Recruitment Service
  • 2017

    Expansion and Upgrade
  • The Beginning of 2018

    100Tech (Nanjing Yibai Info. Tech,)
  • In the end of 2018

    100TEFL (Professional career development solution provider)
  • 2019

    100ESC (Nanjing Yibai Entrepreneur Service Center)
  • 2020-Present

    100ChinaJobs (Foreign Talent Recruitment and Management Plateform)

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